Choosing Windows and Patio doors for Apartments

If you own rental property you want to get the most out of your investment with the least amount of maintenance issues. How do you chose what product to start with that will hold up over the years of service? Homework not hype. Windows and patio doors sold for Apartments will all come with a ten year warranty and have a general life span of service of twenty five to thirty years. So how do you keep the coast down after the ten year warranty has expired? With many method and materials used making thermal glass how do you tell with is the best?Not the salesmen and sometimes not even the factory Rep, If not them who?

One step is testing data. The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASTME) has developed a testing protocol to determine the weatherablility  of insulated glass construction by method and sealants used. The question to ask is how many times was it tested before seal failure occurred. The more tests the unit survives the longer the life of the IG unit will be in the field. Bottom line longer life means lower maintenance cost to you.

Resource used bulletin # IG20-05/08 Cardinal Glass.

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