How to Adjust Sliding Patio Screen Doors

Quite often, even a very slight misalignment or dirty track can prevent the smooth movement of a sliding patio screen door. Over time, if not corrected, the problem can only get worse, leading to damaged rollers or a derailment of the door itself. Adjusting the screen door’s roller mechanism is a simple procedure and insures the door operates properly.


Clean the sliding screen door track thoroughly using a stiff-bristled brush, broom or vacuum to remove any dirt or debris that may be interfering with the door’s roller or frame movement.

Move the screen door frame to the approximate center of the door opening and measure the vertical distance between the bottom edge of the screen door frame and the bottom track. This distance should be approximately 1/4 to 3/8 inch and equal at both edges of the door.

Adjust the screen door’s roller mechanisms, using a screwdriver to rotate the roller adjustment screws, typically located through a small hole in the edge or inside face of the door frame at both vertical frame sections. Turn the adjustment screws clockwise to raise the setting of the roller assembly or counterclockwise to lower the roller setting.

Re-measure the distance between the bottom edge of the sliding screen door frame and the top of the bottom track to verify proper adjustment; then slide the door fully from side to side to make certain it moves smoothly.

By Paul Massey, eHow.comĀ  Contributor

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