What do you want a window to do?

Selecting new or replacement windows can be overwhelming with all the styles, materials and features to choose from. In addition, as this project is a major investment with windows expected to last up to 20 years, doing some homework before you make any decisions can save on headaches later on.

Improve energy consumption: There are many types glass, glass spacers; window frames products that affect energy consumption. Glass, single, double, triple, pain.  Glass coatings of 1coat LE, 2 coats LE, 3 coats LE, Soft coat LE, Hard coat LE, Argon gas, Krypton gas.  Spacer type’s aluminum, nickel, foam, stales steel, plastics. Frame, Argon gas, Krypton gas.  Spacer type’s aluminum, nickel, foam, stales steel, plastics. Frame materials of Wood, Vinyl, Fiberglass, and Aluminum.

Stop condensation: Condensation can be effectively lowered by high energy effective windows but will never be eliminate it by them self’s. Moisture in the air can be controlled better by good ventilation or dehumidifiers.

Aesthetics of your home:  When replacing windows you can greatly affect the look of your home. One way is to add different types of molding options such as Brick mold, Shake mold, Flat stock, Fake sills and a number of other options that can be created by how molding is cut. Then the outside color can be different. Another option is grids. Internal grids of ½ flat, ¾ sculptured, and round brass. There are external as well that are mend to simulate true divided lights. We can also apply tapes that mock lead window muttons. Shapes created by grids can be diamonds, squares, perimeter only boxes, with many geometrical shapes available.

Price:  Pricing is always connected to all options that a window might have. In general high levels of energy conservation cost more. Other up cost can be paint, grids, trims, and window frame materials such as aluminum, vinyl, fiberglass, wood and egress options.

Operating: Operation of windows can be sliding vertical or horizontal they can swing out or up as in casement and awnings styles. Then you also have picture windows.

Add more ventilation: Existing picture windows can be changed to operable window to increase air flow.

Sound Control: Sound can be affected by differing the thickness of glass used in the window, but this will lower the insolating power of the window. Other window products can help here. An inside panel of 3/16 or thicker glass or polymers can be beneficial in reducing sounds.

Warranties: Warranties are all different, not all things are covered. Some offer glass brakeage coverage most do not. Lifetime warranties on vinyl, fiberglass and 10 to 20 years on wood some have exclusions read fine print. Some warranties are traversable to the next owner with some restrictions, again read the fine print. Costal areas have limits put on them because of the hash environment. Properties used as rentals will also have different limits put on them. Generally they will have 10 years only on them even if they say Lifetime again read the fine print.

Egress: Egress is also something to talk about. What is it? This means openings large enough and assessable enough for escape in fire as well for firemen to enter with back packs on. The size today is generally larger and closer to the floor then older codes. You can upgrade to the newer codes for a safer home.

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